The Adani Group Plans to Roll Out EV Chargers Across Housing Societies in Mumbai

Adani Group EV Charging Station

Adani Electricity, which is a wholly owned subsidiary of the Adani Group, has recently announced that it has started to roll out 8,500 share electric vehicle chargers, which are supposed to be installed in 4,000 housing societies across eastern and western suburbs of Mumbai. As per Adani updates, these areas already have 240 chargers in place. With the increased number of EV chargers, EV owners will find it more convenient to get their vehicles charged. They will also be able to make a smooth transition from fuel-driven to electric vehicles. The establishment of EV charging stations will also help people play their part towards reducing pollution levels.

The Main Aim Behind Installing EV Chargers at The Housing Societies:

The decision to install EV charging points in Mumbai is a unique concept by the Adani Group to reform society. The Adani Group aims to reduce the number of fuel-driven vehicles on the roads in Mumbai. Housing societies will collectively get access to the charging points that have been installed on the premises. The flat owners can easily charge their EVs from the charging stations. This is going to help them save a considerable amount of money as the rates are going to be cheaper than the cost of getting the vehicle charged at the EV stations, which are installed at the petrol pumps. 

How Will The EV Chargers Benefit People?

The charging stations that will be installed in the housing societies will not have complex wiring. Power utilities will provide staff to handle the operations of the EV chargers. The Adani Group will also bear the initial installation and setup charges. This will help people save a substantial amount of money as they no longer have to depend on fuel-driven vehicles simply because there are no EV chargers around. They will also be able to walk the path of sustainability. High-tech applications will completely drive the charging operation. The apps will be extremely easy to operate. The people will also be able to make their payments directly through the mobile app.

This unique initiative taken up by Adani Electricity not only promotes sustainability but also allows EV owners to save a considerable amount of money. It will also serve as a source of encouragement for fuel-driven vehicle owners to increase their dependence on EVs. The charging stations are also going to reduce the deficiency of EV charging points in Mumbai. One of the officials from Adani Electricity has recently said that he has personally interacted with the residents of some of the housing societies who are using these services, and the people have specifically mentioned that the EV charging stations have turned out to be a game changer in their lives. It is not only an easy way of getting their vehicles charged, but it can also help in saving a lot of money. These EV charging stations have a big role to play in reducing the carbon footprint as well. 

Adani’s Initiatives Towards Promoting Sustainability:

As mentioned in Adani updates, Adani Electricity has already sourced 35% of its power from renewable sources. It is aiming to reach 60% by 2027. With this aim in mind, the Adani Group is continuously working towards increasing India’s renewable energy capacity. It has already taken up multiple steps, each of which is aimed at bringing about an energy transition in the country. The Adani Group operates some of the major renewable energy parks in India. These renewable energy parks are mainly driven by solar and wind power. 

The Adani Group has also taken significant steps in the EV industry. It has been working towards increasing the number of EV vehicles. The Group has already partnered with Evera Cabs to install EV charging stations in different corners of Delhi and the NCR region. It is also currently in the process of releasing electric public vehicles in the country. This is an extraordinary measure taken by the Adani Group to reduce pollution levels. It will also help our country walk the path of prosperity.


Adani updates state that the Adani Group is continuously working towards building an EV ecosystem in the country. With the extraordinary initiatives taken up by the business group, it will soon earn the reputation of being one of the biggest players in the EV industry. The constant initiatives taken up by the global conglomerate towards promoting sustainability will also give our country an excellent position on the global platform.


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